15% off your First Appointment

15% off your First Appointment

About Us

Doc4home is a family-run business whose main goal is to create beautiful spaces that are also functional and affordable. We have lots of experience working with people to help their visions come to life in a unique way that will help their house set apart while staying within budget. Our goal is to work with people to get their personal style to shine through in a manner that is well-executed and won’t be hard on their pockets. 

With every project we do, we take the time necessary to understand our client’s vision and requirements. For instance, you might know that you want a new kitchen, but you might not be sure which elements require the most transformation. Above all, Doc4Home has such a high satisfaction rating. This is because we specialize in tying together your needs, aesthetic, family, space, and budget to create a remodeling solution that you will love.

A full suite of home-renovation services

Doc4Home offers a full suite of trade all under one roof. This means our clients can benefit from a collaborative approach, with all the advantages it brings. With over 35 years’ experience in construction, Doc4Home can be entrusted to deliver even the most complex renovation and remodel projects.

doc4home - Home-repairs

Home Repair

When stuff breaks, we fix it. Most importantly, our handyman services can save you the time and money and fix your broken fixtures around your home.  

doc4home - carpentry


From fixing chairs, cabinets to re-staining the wood and fixing deck or patio structures. Certainly, you can count on us for all carpentry work.

doc4home - Door Window


If you are struggling to close your doors or windows, we can help with professional repair services. Likewise we also can install new doors and windows.

doc4home -plumbing


A dripping faucet could cost you more than 200 gallons of water per month. Therefore, if you have noticed a leak, give us a call. 

doc4home - Electrical-installation


We have the knowledge, and resources necessary to provide cutting edge services for your electrical needs. Similarly choose us for installation requirements as well.

doc4home - Painting


If you have a house, apartment to be painted call us. Likewise our painter can add a fun element to your kids bedroom, or living room or any other wall in your home.

Handyman Services Final 2

Kitchen/Bathroom repairs, plumbing, electrical, cabinet, sink, wall tile installation, flooring placement of appliances.

15% off your First Appointment

Areas we cover