Develop your Secondary Suite in the Basement!

Develop your Secondary Suite in the Basement!

Secondary suites in calgary

Often times the best and most cost-effective method to increase the value and add space to your home is through a basement renovation. Consequently, this added square footage can serve a specific purpose or be multi-functional and flexible.

So whether you wish to add a laundry room, or entire secondary suite, Doc4Home will bring building expertise, innovation and the most careful precision to your project. Most importantly, we take you through each step of basement renovation with painstaking attention to detail. In other words, our experts can help you harness your basement renovation to increase the comfort, efficiency, and safety of your house.


Our experienced contractors develop unfinished basements into secondary suites in Calgary and surrounding area. We adhere to all building, safety and fire codes to meet the City of Calgary’s strict requirements. Consequently, it will include a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a separate entrance. In addition we incorporate the homeowner’s unique vision and expectations and guarantee the best value and competitive pricing.

Secondary suites in Calgary are self-contained living units built within a single family home. As a result it can provide multiple benefits for the homeowner. Arguably, it is the best investment for the home, as it provides the opportunity for additional income for the family. In addition, functioning as a rental unit, it can also serve as an independent living space. Finally, a secondary suite would provide a fixed income for senior homeowners

The renovation of a basement into a legal secondary suite is a sound, risk free investment which ultimately results in several of the aforementioned benefits.

Things to consider before starting your Basement renovation project

Do you want it to be one big room, or is it better with smaller spaces for different functions? Would it be easy to add a bathroom? These are the types of questions you need to ask yourself before you begin.


The main concern for basement layouts is the space. Firstly, space in the basement is often limited, and can also be dark. Therefore you must think big – go for open spaces. Consequently, this lets natural light filter into the whole area creating an impression of spaciousness. As the additional decor idea, we offer Japanese shoji style custom window covers to give your basement privacy and very stylish look.


If the rooms are designed for activities that require quiet and concentration –home office or privacy of guest room then you could opt for our custom built doors that let the natural light through. On the other hand, consider a more open layout for a game or entertainment room.

Existing structure: 

Basements often have structural constraints that you’ll have to incorporate or find a way around. For instance, there are probably low ceilings, pipes or technical equipment may be visible. Consequently, you need to be aware of these constraints before starting work. However, even that kind of unsightly obstacles can be covered with a dynamic and consistent design to give your basement stylish look.

Permanent vs. Flexible layout and basement design

If you want to have your basement finished without permanent layout, Doc4Home has an option for you. Consider sliding doors with transparent or opaque glass panels as temporary divides. As a result, our unique design will give you the flexibility of rearranging your basement accordingly to whatever is your need to use it for. Subsequently, you can even transform two smaller spaces into a big room with a sliding wall of three doors. For example, a guest room and office into one big movie theater.

On the other hand, if your goal is to build more traditional design Doc4Home has the expertise and the skills to transfer your idea into a functional and attractive living space where the whole family can get together.

In either scenario we say, don’t just think about it, just do it! And we’ll help every step of the way with great advice, great design, and excellent project management to ensure your basement not only meets your expectations but exceeds them.

The best for your Basement renovation

So if you are looking to hire the best in Calgary to renovate your basement, give Doc4Home a call today.
We will fix an appointment to examine your current basement and sit down with you to discuss your requirements and ideas. You can be sure that your space is in safe and competent hands with Doc4Home.

Basement Potentials

Doc4Home Basement Potentials-1
Doc4Home Basement Potentials-2
Doc4Home Basement Potentials-3
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Flexible Layout and Basement Design

Doc4home  - Secondary Suites - Basement Potentials
Doc4home  - Secondary Suites - Flexible Layout and Basement Design
Doc4home  - Secondary Suites - Flexible Layout and Basement Design
Doc4home  - Secondary Suites - Flexible Layout and Basement Design
Doc4home  - Secondary Suites - Flexible Layout and Basement Design
Doc4home  - Secondary Suites - Flexible Layout and Basement Design
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